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facial motion capture helmet

​"YanusCAM stands out in the fields of animation character creation and facial capture, and is an innovative solution that makes it easy to create creative and realistic digital characters through features such as flexible fit and Xsens Link and Vive tracker."

facial motion capture helmet
facial motion capture helmet

Experience easy and
motion capture
acting using a user-friendly
head-mounted camera.

facial motion capture helmet
facial motion capture helmet
facial motion capture helmet

​Comfort and freedom of use for actors

​"YanusCam is easy to wear, giving users comfort and freedom. The flexible straps and adjustable frame make it easy to fit any user, and the lightweight design provides a comfortable experience even when worn for long periods of time. YanusCam combines user convenience and style. We place great emphasis on providing users with a new level of virtual reality through excellent facial capture while being comfortable and easy to wear.”

​Anyone can use it intuitively and easily

​"YanusCam was designed with ease of use as its core value. Simple operation and intuitive controls allow users to easily operate the camera. Additionally, with quick and easy connection functions, YanusCam provides high satisfaction to everyone from beginners to experts. In addition, YanusCam promises users a smooth and simple virtual reality experience without the need for special software or complicated settings. YanusCam is the new standard for virtual reality that can be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere."

Experience easy and comfortable motion capture acting using a user-friendly head-mounted camera.

Just remember two things

YanusCam uses a Vive tracker along with an optical passive marker and Xsens Link at the same time.

It allows users to move freely and experience more diverse interactions in virtual reality.

Yanus Cam’s infinite compatibility

Optitrack passive marker attached

​YanusCam boasts an innovative design that allows you to easily attach passive markers without any special equipment or effort. These features provide additional convenience to users and enhance their interaction in virtual environments. Passive markers' wireless connectivity and rapid detection help users naturally interact with their environment and create richer virtual reality experiences.

Equipped with Xsens Link

YanusCam offers the special ability to be equipped with Xsens Link, giving users superior exercise tracking and an enhanced virtual reality experience. Xsens Link is a high-performance motion capture technology that integrates with YanusCam to precisely track movements in the real world and reflect them in the virtual environment. This is one of its particular advantages, allowing users to move more freely and experience a more realistic and immersive virtual reality.

​VIVE tracker equipped variant

​YanusCam provides the ability to easily mount Vive trackers, providing users with expanded interactivity and enhanced virtual environments. Vive Tracker is a technology that allows you to precisely track real objects or hand movements and reflect them in the virtual reality world. Integration with YanusCam enables more diverse and realistic experiences, such as allowing users to naturally manipulate objects or interact with their hands.

​​Detailed options can be

selected for more detailed work.

​You can easily and conveniently capture detailed facial expressions with your iPhone. You can track motion capture anytime, anywhere in an unrestricted environment, and the captured data can be easily corrected using a PC.

Yanus CAM

​It is a high-resolution wireless camera system capable of capturing precise facial expressions. It is an all-in-one model that uses an HD-level high-resolution camera to provide clear picture quality and allows freedom of activity as there is no separate connection cable.

Yanus CAM Pro

Dual HMC camera for facial photography for Unreal Metahuman Animator. Using two HD-level high-resolution cameras, even subtle changes in facial expressions can be realized and is fully compatible with Unreal Meta Human Animator.

Yanus CAM 2 Pro

How to wear

Size adjustment

​Complete full body motion capture performance by combining with body motion capture equipment.

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facial motion capture helmet

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