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facial motion capture equipment

Complete Solutions for
Facial motion capture

​YANUS STUDIO is ready.

"Yanus Studio is a company that can effectively solve difficult face capture problems through advanced technology and innovative algorithms. YANUS STUDIO facial motion capture technology not only accurately tracks and captures various facial expressions and movements at angles, but also captures the user's facial expressions. "We can help you elevate your experience and enhance your expressive power. Through continuous research and innovation, Yanus Studio's experts overcome the challenges of facial capture and deliver top-notch results."

The difficulty of facial motion capture

​"The most difficult part of motion capture is face capture. High-level technology and sophisticated algorithms are required to accurately capture various expressions and movements of the face. Because the face has many changes in expression and movement at various angles, this “Accurately tracking and capturing this is an even more difficult challenge. This is a critical part of improving user experience and expressiveness, and is one of the areas in need of more research and technology development.”

​For everyone to produce facials of consistent quality.

Yanus STUDIO is a facial motion capture solutions provider comprised of experts with over 20 years of experience. Our facial motion capture hardware can generate infinite motions and apply personalized styles to the generated motions. It's also designed to make creative production easier and faster, providing peace of mind to anyone working in 3D animation and game development.

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