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YANUS CAM's 3D scanning technology precisely scans an individual's face, body, hair, etc. and creates a digital 3D model. This model is used in a variety of fields, including virtual reality, movies, and games, and accurately reflects real-world characteristics and shapes.

Capturing 360-degree images allows you to capture every part of your face in precise detail. This, combined with the sharp image quality of the high-resolution camera, ensures high-quality facial data.

Instant 360 image capture

15 LED lights provide high quality for professional face capture, providing users with realistic and detailed 3D facial data.

Lighting intensity adjustable (dimming)

Unrivaled performance for high-resolution geometry and texture capture.

Complete full body motion capture performance by combining with facial motion capture hardware3*.

Yanus’ infinite compatibility

50 high-resolution cameras provide outstanding performance in 3D Facial Capture Scan technology, providing users with an outstanding experience. Additionally, high-resolution cameras can precisely capture detailed facial features. You can create realistic and natural 3D face models by accurately reproducing even the finest details such as wrinkles, freckles, and eye sparkles.

50 high-resolution cameras

The ability to simultaneously remotely control high-resolution cameras is an innovative feature that further increases its usefulness in 3D Facial Capture Scan. The remote control function makes your work process efficient. Creators can optimize work schedules by adjusting facial motion and tracking project progress at any time, even when they're not physically present.

Remotely control 50 cameras simultaneously

The fact that the high-resolution camera supports an integrated power system provides convenience and stability to users and supports smooth operation in the 3D Facial motion capture Scan environment. Additionally, the integrated power system provides stable and reliable power to ensure consistent operation of the facial motion capture system. This provides a stable work environment by preventing interruptions due to power issues during critical tasks.

integrated power system

A 15-LED lighting system integrated with a high-resolution camera provides richer facial motion data with effective lighting in the 3D Facial motion capture Scan environment, enhancing user experience. Additionally, each LED can be controlled independently, allowing for a variety of lighting settings. This helps achieve natural lighting effects by adjusting the appropriate brightness and color temperature for each part of the face.

15 integrated LED lighting system

​Complete full body motion capture performance by combining with facial motion capture equipment.

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