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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yanus runs on current PCs with Windows 10,11 or later.

  • 64-bit Intel® or AMD® multi-core processor supporting the SSE4.1 instruction set
    2.4Ghz or higher
    4Gb memory
    NVIDIA GTX 550 ti or higher (with OpenGL 3.3 support)

  • Yes - we offer a one-time free trial of the "Yanus Basic" license type for up to 30 days to all individuals, companies and other organizations, regardless of income.
    If you need a trial version, please contact our sales team.

  • Yanus is currently only available in English.
    Software documentation and legal documents such as the EULA are also available in English only.
    Tutorials, forums, and channels are available in English and Korean.

  • We currently accept the following payment methods:
    Credit card payment using Mastercard or Visa.

  • You can install Yanus on one device per license. However, the license may not be transferred to any other person, company or institution. By agreeing to the EULA, you agree not to pass on the Software to third parties. In compliance with the EULA, all users must register at and create their own user account.

  • Yanus only offers an annual subscription option. After linking subscription, you must renew again to receive an annual license.
     As long as you maintain your subscription, you can enjoy customer support and other benefits that came with your Yanus purchase.

  • We currently have agents in each region. For commercial customers, we recommend purchasing through your local distributor to receive technical and customer support in your local language and at your local time.

  • We offer two subscription types with different cancellation terms.
    Annual subscriptions can be canceled up to 30 days before the end of the minimum term (12 months).
    If you cancel your subscription, it will not be automatically renewed, but you can continue to use Yansu during the license period and customer support is also available.

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