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facial motion capture software

Breath Life into Faces

For an expression of consistent quality

Create facial expressions of consistent quality more easily and conveniently with Yanus Face.

Without their own facial animations, all models based on the main model can seamlessly assimilate the main model's animations

Quick Rigging

YanusFace simplifies the animation editing process like never before. By editing bakes, it minimizes the risk to the main model and opens up extensive possibilities for detailed character animation.

Animation Editing

The feature simplifies attaching new objects to the main model and produces bakes, facilitating the dynamic updating of animations with the newly included object.

Attaching New Object
Automatically generate blend shapes and rigging

-Blend shape transformation technology based on basic model
- Short creation time of less than 1 minute
- Supports live-action and cartoon-type character models
- Support for character profile creation for faceware

Blend shape modification function

- corrective expressions
- Attach new objects
-Auto bake generation
- Blender, Zbrush editing support

About the YanusFACE

Create , Improve, Enjoy

facial motion capture software

​Yanus FACE
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YanusFACE also includes a variety of tools that allow you to easily modify, refine, and enhance facial animations. These tools include features such as Mirror, Split, Corrective Expression, Attach New Object, and New Topology.

Advanced skeleton

YanusFACE has the capability for direct integration with UnrealEngine's MetaHuman technology.

UE5 MetaHuman
Metahuman, advanced Skeleton custom

- Metahuman model support
- Metahuman model blend shape variation
- Metahuman model can be modified
- Advanced Skleton support

Object addition features

- Apply additional objects such as facial scars, earrings, masks, etc.
- Supports automatic rigging with a simple click

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