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Live facial motion capture, calibration and streaming Facial capture software

Complete full-body performance with a convenient facial motion capture software solution

Live facial motion capture, recording, calibration and streaming software

Reliable video recording and convenient manipulation UI with Blackmagic Design - HyperDeck as a dedicated device in a wireless environment

Yanus CAM input

- Support for inputting other USB cameras
- Support for playing saved videos

USB camera, Video input

- Real-time monitoring of input video and character targets, 
- Connection to the target Unreal Engine project's screen is possible

Real-time Monitoring

Neutral calibration, real-time application of scale/offset adjustments

Retarget Calibration Setup

- Two channels, including id, can transmit LiveLink.
- Connecting facial and full body external UE projects at the same time
※ Multi-Yanus LIVE's remote operation function will be updated

Motion capture data streaming

- CSV format file saving compatible with ARKit standards
- Usable with Yanus ReTARGET software and others

Motion capture data exporting

yanusSTUDIO 이미지

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